Outsmart Overwhelm
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In less than 30 minutes,
Outsmart Overwhelm will take your life from flustered to flourishing!

Amber Trueblood, MBA, LMFT 
Therapist, Author, Speaker, & Mom Coach


I felt exhausted, resentful, and lost. I didn't have a support system of friends. 

I'd lost my identity in my role as a mother. I felt overwhelmed, anxious, and flustered.

As moms, we're taught to "balance" it all... our home, career, children, relationship, friendships, and self-care.

But, "balance" is a myth. It's just not realistic.

We're so busy trying to achieve "balance" that we actually end up feeling even more frustrated and unfulfilled.

We don't take care of ourselves.

I'll never forget the day I ended up curled in a ball crying on the floor... 
I didn't have a system. My strategy was "just try to survive."

But, it didn't work.

I had to figure out how to find myself again, how to surround myself with a solid emotional support system, how to sleep again, and how to find the time and space to take care of my emotional needs.
How I went from Flustered to Flourishing...
I knew I didn't want to just play the role of manager and referee, of cook and cleaner, educator and nurse. 

I didn't have four children just so I could feel like a crazy person trying to keep everybody alive, happy, entertained, educated, and safe.

But, what could I do?

None of the systems I'd read in books or heard gurus preach worked for me...

I HAD to figure out a way to find joy again, both in motherhood and for myself.
After a decade of research, learning, trial, and error, I figured it out.

It changed my life. 

Now, I want to share it all with you.
Go From Flustered to Flourishing!
It's not about "balance", it's about S.E.A.
The "Balance Is Bullsh*t" System

Outsmart Overwhelm includes:

  • Amber’s 5-Step Balance is Bullsh*t System - which debunks the myth that balance is what we are missing. Instead, she teaches how you can easily flourish in the chaos of parenting life. 
  • Get grounded and clear by starting your day with the morning S.M.A.S.H.
  • Add a simple daily gratitude practice to shift your mindset and energy
  • Calm your nervous system and restore your body through sleep with a 3-minute guided nighttime meditation 
  • Learn the power of stretching to re-center yourself with a 3-minute guided video
  • Draw in a state of deep gratitude with Amber's 25 Daily Affirmations  (save on your phone or print for daily reminders)
  • Feel more confidence and patience with the 10 Tips for Reducing Anxiety Guide

What clients are saying about Outsmart Overwhelm...

I love how Amber shows up and how she brings inspirational practical advice to us. As a single mom, I need everything she says!
- Anna
I highly recommend Amber's unique and approachable strategies to taking your life back, managing your time, and feelign an overall sense of wellness and peace.
- Renee
 Now that I start my days doing Amber's Morning S.M.A.S.H., I have a clearer mind throughout most of my day. This has replaced the fog and frustration I was usually shrouded in before!
- Kayo
"I feel more in control and content in my daily mom-life. I'm a better parent and partner since learning to Outsmart my Overwhelm thanks to Amber!

-Addie S.

"I've stopped waking up dreading the day ahead and now feel more content in my daily mom life and more present with my kids and partner."  

-Allie S.

• Okay with a lil' swearing here and there.
• Done feeling overwhelmed and spinning your wheels.
• Sick of feeling guilty because if you focus on your family, you're biz fails, and •If you focus on your biz you feel like you're failing as a mom.
• Ready for it all to be easier.
About Amber
Amber Trueblood, MBA, is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), best-selling author, speaker, and mother of four sons. She has over 25 years of experience in mental health, and co-founded The M.E.C.A. Project to help teens and young adults thrive Mentally and Emotionally through Conscious Awareness. Amber has been featured in People, Oprah Magazine, CNN, Motherhood Maternity, KTLA5, and many more. She's the author of Stretch Marks: A Self-Development Tool for Mothers Who Are Being Stretched in Every Direction and The Unflustered Mom: How Understanding the Five Anxiety Styles Transforms the Way We Parent, Partner, Live, and Love. 

Learn more about Amber at www.ambertrueblood.com


I'm super busy and can't imagine adding ONE MORE THING. How much time will I need for this?

The point of Outsmart Overwhelm is to GIVE you more time, space, and energy in your days. The mini-workshop is broken up into four short videos.  And, you'll receive printable PDFs that go along with the program guidance. The Outsmart Overwhelm BIB system can be done in as little as 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes (or less) at night. That's just 10 minutes a day! 
What if I've already done a bunch of productivity and time management programs?

This is different. This program offers a mindset shift, not just tips for your daily behavior patterns. Outsmart Overwhelm is a holistic approach to taking care of your mind, body, soul, family, relationships, and more! It's the system I use every day to outsmart my overwhelm, and have supported hundreds of other moms to do the same.  
Will this actually really help me?

I have helped hundreds of moms regain a sense of calm and connectedness through the strategies I teach in Outsmart Overwhelm. This happens because the tools are simple yet powerful and effective, and don't take much time (because I know having time is one of the biggest challenges we moms face). Just like anything that is really good for you, if you follow the guidance and do it regularly then you will get results. This part is up to you, but I will give you everything you need to take control and go from fluster to flourish. 
Is there a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely! I stand by what I create and believe that when you implement the Outsmart Overwhelm system you'll not only get more done in less time, you'll also FEEL happier and healthier. If not, just send an email within 7 days to hello@ambertrueblood.com and we'll issue a full refund.

You're standing at the crossroads...

To the left, is the rocky, uphill road you’ve been traveling. 

To the right is the road less people will choose. 

This road isn’t harder, it’s just different. 

And choosing the right road makes all the difference in the world to raising kids well and having a home that feels good AND is in alignment with YOUR values.  

I’m hoping you’ll choose the right road and join me inside Outsmart Overwhelm.

Much Love,


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